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IAG Stockholders & Board

IAG Group, Shareholders: Board Members & Management are from Broder Professional Background, Nationalities of more than 6 countries
IAG focuses on Two Business Verticals, Agro Inputs and Capital Market-Secondary. Both Verticals the Group has grown 5 Folds in Revenues. All Group Companies are presently operating under one Umbrella as Invade Agro Group-IAG.
Invade Agro Ltd—Tanzania, India, Kenya Uganda, Rwanda
Invade Corp Ltd, Tanzania
Guardian Finance Pvt. Ltd, NBFC—India
Invade Capital Ltd, NBFC—India
Kamlesh M Chotalia
Executive Director (Group)
Misha Mhando
Chief Executive Officer (Group)
Grayson R. Mabugo
Lawyer (Group)
Meenal Patwardhan
Director, South Asia
Ashish Shah
Director Burundi, Rwanda & Uganda
Prisca Tembo
Chief Finance Officer (Group)